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Pentagon Papers taught us nothing:

Nixon Plumbers target Daniel Ellsberg discusses similarities between Vietnam and Iraq.

"A major factor that kept us in Vietnam and that's keeping us in Iraq," says Ellsberg, "is the unwillingness by those in power to admit they made a mistake. This would be admitting that lives were wasted and it would look like they're accepting defeat. That thinking was enough to keep Vietnam going year after year. In Iraq, we would be giving up if we withdraw troops . . . but we should give up. It's not for President Bush or any other American to determine the internal policies of Iraq, and prolonging the occupation does nothing to solve Iraq's problems."


Acts of God - Special Flashback Edition

Passion's Jesus struck by lightning. Assistant director hit twice. Mel so far unscathed.

It's almost like God is trying to tell us something.


(little known) Fun Fact: Coffee

The Royal Society was formed around 1655 by a group of students calling themselves The Oxford Coffee Club.

Fun Fact: Suspicions Prove True

2,500 of New York's 3,250 crosswalk buttons don't do anything.

Chairman of Smith & Wesson previously served 15 years for armed robbery and a bank heist.


XIP Hypermedia Conglomerate Deluxe

You should go read XIP.NU

Hey Y'all

Polaroid warns users not to "Shake It"
On a related note, when operating heavy machinery, please do not "throw your hands in the air."


Fun Fact: 可能になる今十分に日本語。

I just realized that I can post nonsense in Japanese, and it will make me look cool. Except to the most of you without the character set who will just see lots of 疑門符. But for people on Macs, look at this cool period。。。
Just so you know, 私はあなたの中で這いたいと思う。


Fun with Google: Electability 4
Results less interesting this week, so I'll employ the small font:

"______ is the most electable" with hits gained since Jan 26 in [ ]

Dean 242 [+9] (shows where "electability" gets you)
Kerry 197 [+172]
Edwards 48 [+5]
Nader 0 [presumably 0]

Fun Fact: Ralph Nader is hot for a 70 year old.

Coveted Socktopi Product Endorsement

Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy is the book everybody should read.


MicroCar photo gallery

Check it out:

Fun Fact: Jesusanity!

According to noted religious scholar The Straight Dope, "The Bible presupposes a pristine state of vegetarianism."

Thanks again, Vincent!


You know what a good name for a Grateful Dead tribute band would be?

The Near Death Experience.

Thanks Vince!

Fun Fact: iTunes

If you are going to pay for iTunes, and you drink Pepsi products, you might as well save a quarter on each download and get some free sugar water out of the deal.
Here's how to win every time, according to

via boingboing


welcome to a police state - with video!

On the evening of the 21st of May, 2000, Dudley Hiibel stepped out of his red 1988 GMC pick-up truck and lit a cigarette.  The pick-up was parked on the side of Grass Valley Road, a rural stretch of asphalt that leads out of the mining town of Winnemucca into the rural cattle ranching area where Dudley lives and farms.

Then the police arrived.

Deputy Dove demanded Dudley show 'his papers'.  Dudley asked a simple question:  why?
"Because I'm investigating", said Dove.
"Investigating what?" Dudley asked.
"I'm investigating an investigation"

When the Deputy decided Dudley wasn't "going to cooperate", he cuffed, then tossed him in the back of his patrol car.

By refusing to show Deputy Lee Dove his ID, Dudley was fined $250.00.

It is this very charge that is now coming before the U.S. Supreme Court on the 22nd of March.  The question before the Court is this: Did Dudley's refusal to show ID give Deputy Dove the probable cause needed to arrest him?  Or is it the Constitutional right of every American to just say 'no' when asked to produce 'the papers'?

Watch the video of his arrest.

Head's Up: eBay

John Kerry played bass in a high school rock band. If you have the money, you can buy his 1961 album here or just look at this one which already sold.

Home Chopping Network

One "high quality" sword for sale on the Shop at Home Network turns out to be exactly as imagined. (quicktime, scroll down)


Ravi Watch

Ravi is traveling around, doing, well, he and a female "passionately make out in a bed at a prominent intersection to make the point that vegetarians are better lovers."

Take a peek.


Fun with Google: Electability week 3

hits gained since I did the same search on Feb 2 in ( ) since Jan 26 in [ ]

Dean 291 (+52) [+58]
Kerry 252 (+151) [+227]
Clark 152 (-39) [-26] (I'll include Clark for reference.)
Edwards 48 (-1) [+5]
Kucinich 10 (+1) [+2]
Lieberman 5 (+0) [+0] (I'll include Lieberman because I find it funny)
Sharpton 0 (+0) [+0]
My analysis: Dean's mojo way up this week over last, perhaps because people are making the case in response to Kerry's alleged strength in this area. But basically 90 percent of people who feel that Kerry is the most electable have arrived at that conclusion in the last 2 weeks. Very few people felt this way about Kerry just 15 days ago. So his wins in the primaries could be seen as self fulfilling prophecies of his electability.

I'm not sure what to make of Clark's drop. Even if people stop believing someone is the most electable, the pages should still stay up with their old opinion. Maybe Clark websites removed message boards that contained a large number of pro-Clark messages?

The fact that Edwards lost a point is even more inexplicable.

If I personally had to chose who is most electable, I would say Clark. Among those still in it, I would lean Edwards.

I want to hold your hands in the air

The Grey Album is a downloadable remix that combines The Beatles' White Album with Jay Z's Black Album. It's, well, it's the best Jay Z album ever. It's worth a listen; you might like it.


Whew! Now we are safe.

That was close. Rural Maine was almost at risk of a deadly terrorist attack, but now we are safe thanks to well reasoned border security

Residents of rural Maine, who live within eye-sight of Canada and do all their shopping, eating, and praying across the border, are expected "to make a 200-mile detour along treacherous logging roads to get home via the nearest staffed border checkpoint" instead of just driving back across the street.

Take that Al Queda!

pasu pasu pasu

Gozu is awesome! Everyone should see Gozu, previously described as "Rob Schneider’s The Hot Chick re-imagined by David Lynch on powerful hallucinogens."

It was so worthwhile I gave it a 10/10, while Nate gave it a rare 9.2/10.


Atkins was a big fat ass

The Wall Street Journal reports that Atkins was clinically obese at the time of his death, when he "slipped" on some "ice."

Even though he spent more than a week in a coma before his family removed life support, he still weighed 258 pounds with a BMI of 35 when he died, (18-24 is ideal,25-29 is overweight, 30+ is obese, 35+ is a new category that I propose be named in honor of Dr. Atkins).

Also, "The New York medical examiner's report into Atkins death said he had a history of heart attack, congestive heart failure and hypertension."

If this were Fark, this post would have one of those smug "OBVIOUS" tags.

The Literus

The worst that being an artist could do to you would be that it would make you slightly unhappy constantly.

-Jean de Daumier-Smith in De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period by J.D. Salinger


Vegans taste better.

VeganPorn provides a link to an awesome video. (quicktime)

Forage Against the Machine

Monsanto, the corporation that is the active embodiment of evil capitalism run amok, has been awarded a patent on a strain of wheat, bred by Indian farmers over thousands of years, that is used to make chapati. Although generations of farmers are responsible for creating the strain through selective breeding, it was a Monsanto subsidiary who "identified the wheat's combination of genes" and therefore was able to patent it as an "invention."

This is a new chapter in Monsanto history, which might be properly described as organized evil.

Monsanto, which seems intent on proving Marx right, is also responsible for:

saccharine - a magical sugar replacer that causes cancer
PCBs - a magical coolant that causes cancer
Agent Orange - a magical deforesting chemical that, surprise, causes cancer
Round-Up herbicide - A magical weed killer that Monsanto adamantly denies causes cancer
GM food plants - magically designed to be Round-Up resistant, so that you can buy even more Round-Up, spray it everywhere and the Monsanto crops will still grow, although they will be doused in Round-Up, which Monsanto is insistent is not cancerous...
Just like they were insistent that saccharine, PCBs, and Agent Orange (dioxin), were not cancerous, although their own internal studies demonstrated decades before they were banned that they were potent people killers.
genetically modified cow hormone rBGH - a steroid that makes cows sick, but on the plus side, they produce more milk before they die! And so what if the hormone ends up in the milk? So what that it's banned in Europe and Canada? Monsanto must insist at this time that consuming GM cow steroids in your milk is perfectly safe... Why would something like that cause cancer?
GM food plants that literally produce herbicide in every cell - since they have a bacteria gene added to them that produces a worm killing chemical. Even though these food plants are classified with the feds as a "pesticide," they are probably perfectly safe to eat and not at all like Monsanto's other cancer inducing products.

The lobbyists - Monsanto insists we can't have labels identifying which products contain GMO ingredients - because they are perfectly safe! Sure Monsanto's been wrong before, but this time even though no tests have been done, we can be sure it's safe!

the lawyers - Monsanto sued an elderly Canadian farmer for copyright violation when Monsanto pollen containing "patented genes" blew into his field and mixed with his plants. He was stealing their genes!

and more - Monsanto is the argument against the corporate system.


Re: Good People Beget Good People

A reviewer notes that cat-killer "Frist explains the intricacies of human reproduction in a way sure to confound, bedevil, and infuriate his natural constituency of Tennessee creationists. Good job, Bill"

March 9th: National Ralph Flanders Day

This year is the 50th anniversary of Ralph Flanders's speech denouncing McCarthyism.


Bill Wyatt: Republican candidate for President

Los Angeles t-shirt maker Bill Wyatt captured 10% in last night's Oklahoma Republican primary.

On his web page, he writes:
"I fought no wars and don't plan on fighting any in the future. I use my brains to avoid conflict. What is this macho crap? Joining the military and shooting people is like going to the fair, they'll let anybody in and give you a gun, big deal."

You can read his positions, including:
"A jobless recovery is not a recovery, but a graph of corporate wealth."

And check out his excellent selection of affordable shirts.


Fun With Google: Electablity - One Week Later

searching for "______ is the most electable" with pages gained since last week in ()

Dean 239 (+6)
Clark 191 (+13)
Kerry 101 (+76)
Edwards 49 (+6)
Kucinich 9 (+1)
Lieberman 5 (+0, Joementum in action)
Sharpton 0 (Or as Lieberman might conclude, Sharpton has doubled his previous score)

This Dan Piraro interview

... is a good excuse for me to show this comic.


Special Non-Fiction Section presents:
And Now, Now They Are Making Out Again

I pour myself some tea and start to walk back to my computer at the other end of the house, but out of the window two people in the street catch my eye. It’s raining out and these two are doing this weird dance in the street. No, not dancing, kissing except that the girl is trying to pull away from the boy.

Is he the oldest of the three brothers from just down the street, the ones I used to baby-sit for? Could be. Frankly it’s been so long, it could be the middle brother. Maybe it isn’t any of them, I’m too far away to tell.

He looks maybe seventeen, wearing baggy jeans and a backwards baseball cap. She’s smaller than him, tiny really, and wearing a white sweatshirt and tight fitting khakis that are a little too flared at the bottom, because she is bending over to roll them up out of the water. And he, he takes her head between his legs and picks her up; both her legs are in the air, in the middle of the street, here in the suburbs, and it is raining.

They are standing just around a bend in the road, where they are visible to me but not to the house of the three brothers. I am more convinced this must be one of them. When did I baby-sit for them? 1995? God, it's probably the littlest one. Would he really be about seventeen now? The last time I saw him he looked like Dewey on Malcolm In The Middle.

And now, now he's making out with a girl at the end of my driveway. She accepts his kisses at first, but then arches herself back farther and farther away from him. Now, they are having a conversation. She is gesturing, “not in the street” and he is gesturing, “please?”

And he goes back for more, and she puts up a little resistance, and they wrestle gently, and spin. And they stagger over near my trashcans, laughing. And now they are making out again, and he cups her ass with his hands.

Her phone rings; she is answering her cell phone, and he is trying to make out with her while she talks on the phone. And she is saying “stop it!” but she is laughing.

It is really pouring now, like in movies, with big windblown gusts of visible water, like waves in the air. They move over into the far side of the cul de sac by my house, under the branches of a tall pine and out of most of the rain.

And now the call is over and they are making out again, next to a construction crew's port-a-potty, but they hear something and stop. Just a passing car.

And the car is gone, but she pulls away. He could do this all day. She is gesturing, “people could see us!” but he waves his arm at the trees and dark houses, he is saying “nobody’s around!” and then he gestures right at me, right where I am standing, watching them from my unlit living room's bay window, perched upon a hill that overlooks the street. They pause, I am found out? No, she is reassured they are alone, and now they are making out again.

She drags him by the hand back towards the street, but he anchors her and they stop, and now, now they are making out again. I imagine coming up with a pretense to go outside. Maybe to put a letter in my mailbox, or to take the secretly empty yard waste trashcan out for tomorrow’s pick up? And I will say something clever like “Get a car, you two!” or “Get the hell away from my trashcans!”

But no. They start walking down the street. Back to his house? No, they are making out again. She breaks away, and he trots back to her. They kiss some more, and he tickles her stomach, and she is gesturing “stop it!” but they hug, and he kisses her.

Then they break apart, and he sprints down the street toward his house and she turns around and slowly walks up the street, up the hill. Apparently she is my neighbor too.

And I need another cup of tea.