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Holy Grail Found.


1.1 million other eBayers beat me to this wedding gown.

How would you feel about a person who thinks it is okay to grab your shirt and use it clean their eyeglasses?


This Is What a Feminist Looks Like. Ali G argues with a pro life protester at Sunday's 1.1 Million person march for abortion rights in Washington.

This comic strip generator combines a random single panel comic with a random punchline. Just refresh 5 times. It's better than almost everything actually published on the funny page.


The Japanese Hostages kidnapped in Iraq are free and now back in Japan where "a psychiatrist who has examined the three former hostages twice since their return, said the stress they were enduring now was 'much heavier'' than what they endured during their captivity in Iraq."

I pointed at the TV during this story and told my dad "see! This is why I wouldn't want to live there."

"You got what you deserve!'' read one handwritten sign at the airport where they landed. "You are Japan's shame,'' another wrote on the Web site of one of the former hostages. They had "caused trouble'' for everybody.


Badass scan of the rare M.U.S.C.L.E. poster showing all the figures. Sometimes the internet doesn't fail. Eternal thanks to Nathan's M.U.S.C.L.E. Page.

In 1948 a military plane crashed killing 3 civilians. The widows sued the government for negligence.

The Air Force refused to reveal the cause of the crash, citing military secrecy. In a landmark 1953 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the crash report could be kept secret in the name of national security.

Denied the report, the widows could not prove negligence and ended up accepting reduced compensation settlements from the government.

But five decades later, Judith Palya Loether, the daughter of one of the victims, discovered while doing an Internet search that the crash report had been declassified. Loether ordered a copy, and when she read it, she said, "I was outraged."

The 1950 report did not contain anything that looked like a military secret.

Instead, the report concluded: "The aircraft is not considered to have been safe for flight."

This Supreme Court ruling creating judicially unreviewable State Secrets is what much of the Guantanamo detentions and the government's other post-9/11 legal shenanigans are based on.


Important Questions Gone Unanswered: Beast Boy

If (teen titans') Beast Boy is able to morph into any animal he can think of, why can't he make himself look like other people? Brad Pitt's an animal too. Beast Boy should make himself look like a green skinned Ewan McGregor all the time. And since he can turn into extinct animals including dinosaurs, does that mean he can also become imaginary animals like unicorns? And if he can do that, what's to stop him from becoming other imaginary animals, like a chimp with a shark's head? Or Ewan McGregor with a Grey Whale's penis?

Hopefully these issues will be explored in future episodes.

Is this blog dead? Who can say. I don't have internet at home at the moment; it's like 1993 all over again... so severely reduced posting in case you didn't notice that already. And i don't have anything to link to because i haven't been reading anything online. So... Is this the end?

Let's call it a hiatus.