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I wish there was a user-edited site for compiling info about the contents of the thousands of Archie comics published in the last 65 years. There are sites out there that attempt to list the story titles in each comic, but that's not helpful enough. I want to do a single search for the word "Feminist" and get a list of every issue where that was a topic or where the topic is of interest from a feminist perspective even if that word wasn't used, like in Pep 282's "Equal Time",. How else can I easily find out in which issue the Archies band gets bankrupted by illegal file sharing? (Archie #577) or every issue tagged goth besides Archie and Friends #106? When does Archie's Black friend Chuck first appear? And more of whatever the hell this is?

This all may seem trivial, but surely it is less trivial that the already extant Tamagotchi Wiki.

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