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The Proof is in the Pudding


Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags! Bags!

When Bob and David first wrote this, they called it the "Bag Box" but HBO's legal department sent the script back with a note... it turns out there was an actual product called Bag Box, presumably a device you could keep bags in.


Pretty fucking funny.

It was always a party of one, but now it's official.
(Orman) nominated himself chairman, seconded the nomination, cast his vote for himself and proceeded to establish party rules.
Make sure to read the convention minutes.


Marijuana laws in Ann Arbor, Michigan


Oh, Casper
5. The fact that there are two different series, one named Casper the Friendly Ghost and one named The Friendly Ghost Casper, irritates me far out of proportion to its importance.


Deal of the Century


Alan Moore to play himself on The Simpsons?! Fuck Yeah! via

Great improbable story about a Socialist who ran for senate in 1972, winning 2.2% of the vote.


The clip of this I linked to last month has been removed from youtube, But you can't reseal Pandora's box:

There is no index, but the most recent cartoon is here

"Each of my actions—from undersupplying troops with body armor to focusing on capturing Saddam Hussein while Osama bin Laden remained free—has led America inexorably toward our current state of extreme crisis. Well, anyway, goodbye!

FYI, That's My Bush! is now on DVD. Comedy Central cancelled this show because it cost too much to make: Almost a million bucks per episode. It's not like Trey Parker didn't personally earn them hundreds of millions and counting. And apparently we can't apply this rational to new seasons of Drawn Together and Carlos Mencia and Carlos Mencia on Drawn Together. Frankly, if Comedy Central is paying more than $5 for those shows, they are getting ripped off.

And I may have linked to this before, but Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?

As long as this blog is going all gay all the time, I might as well link to this Larry King Live clip of Bill Maher which I actually caught on TV last night. When I saw it, I thought "I wish i could blog that segment, but I won't be able to get a copy of that clip." Internet to the rescue! Due in no small part to CNN cutting what Maher said from the later rebroadcast, the clip. is. everywhere!


Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum

How to pay off like $25,000 of credit card debt.

Dems win! Ride the Snake!


Wait, Doogie Houser is teh gay? Dorian links to this helpful clip:

And while were on the subject of Dorian and teh gay, I found Dorian's Early Memories interesting too:
My first exposure to the concept of homosexuality was actually in health class. Someone, apparently, had decided that we should have this AIDS business explained to us, because it had been in the news and didn't seem to be going away any time soon. AIDS, we were told, is a disease you catch by being a gay man. A gay man is a man who has sex with other men, instead of with women. So as long as you're not gay, you don't have to worry about AIDS, we were told. As the rest of the class nodded at the sagacity and logic of our teacher, I was deep in thought over something that had never occurred to me: men could have sex with men!

POSTSCRIPT: Why is my blog so frequently about gay things?

Beck on SNL

Last week's performance was probably one the most interesting SNL musical numbers ever.


GOP Throws All Financial Support Behind One Candidate
SCOTTSDALE, AZ—With just seven days remaining until the mid-term elections, the National Republican Congressional Committee has allocated its remaining $256 million cash-on-hand to Arizona incumbent J. D. Hayworth's campaign, in the hopes of retaining at least one House seat. "Considering Rep. Hayworth's strong stance against terrorism and this infusion of money, we're feeling really good about this race," said White House chief strategist Karl Rove, who is personally managing the remainder of Hayworth's campaign from his Scottsdale office."He's going to be in a very competitive position if he spends just 90 percent of this money attacking [challenger Harry] Mitchell." Hayworth will be joined at campaign events this week by 23 prominent Republicans, including Dick Cheney, John McCain, Bill Frist, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rudolph Giuliani, Ted Nugent, and Rupert Murdoch. In a poll released today, Mitchell leads Hayworth by six points.

Too sad to joke about.


What Boing Boing said:
The DMCA is so poorly conceived and written that even the nuttiest, most deranged of trolls can abuse it into silencing constitutionally-protected online speech.

Glad nothing like that ever happened to me.

Big Dog

My camera is literally the cheapest one you can buy, and is not really designed for capturing bombastic politicians on rainy, hyperlit, airport tarmacs, but you get what you pay for, and here is the blurry proof:

Holy shit I was close to the President last night!
If I'd been there a half hour earlier, I probably would have been 5 feet closer and shook his hand. But whatever.

Even with rings under his eyes from 2 weeks of endless campaigning, it was clear Clinton's a natural. Bill Clinton is a politician like Tiger Woods is a golfer. At the end of his 45 minute conversational speech, he jumped into the crowd and began high fiving people. I asked someone next to me, "Can't we make this guy president?"

Other Democrats from the California ticket were there. Only Phil Angelides didn't make it. Former would be Governor Cruz Bustamante spoke and surprised me with his intensity and charm. Sorry I voted for Peter Camejo, Cruz. You'd have been a great Governor. Who knew?

Meanwhile, John Garamendi, looking like a Dick Tracy villan, spoke as well, reminding me of an old story my father used to tell:

"Garamendi is a total dick. Just a total dick."

Anyway, this was what we always talk about doing: doing one of those things we'll always talk about.