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Via Progressive Ruin, this comprehensive index of comic book cartoon theme songs, with this fantastic Swamp Thing song, set to "Wild Thing," with lyrics "Swamp Thing/ You are amazing!"


Where you gonna see a lion? In Kenya!


Microsoft Word's autosummarization of Bush campaign event:

QUESTION: Mr. President, thank you for your leadership, Mr. President.
QUESTION: Mr. President, thank you.


Very Wrong Ways To Eat A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup


9/11 is an important anniversery.

That's right: this blog is now a year old!

As I wrote last year, "presumably this blog will be overflowing with insight, until I run out of that, and lose interest in publishing altogether... enjoy it while it lasts"

Which reminds me of something we overheard at In N Out a couple weeks ago. The table behind us was discussing the idiom "it speaks volumes about someone" and arguing if it was correctly said "it speaks volume" or "it speaks volumes."

They decided it was "it speaks volume."

What I'm saying is: enjoy it while it lasts.


By the way, downlaod pdf files of a handful of Spire comics from this awesome freakin' website.


Dave Sim: Cool

I got my free signed copy (Sim and Gerhard too!) of Cerebus 186 in the mail yesterday from the icy northern tundera of Canada. That was fast! Dave Sim must have a lot of free time on his hands now that he's finished his 25+ year run on the book. The package even includes a Sim-signed letter that he seems to be rewritting everyday. Mine, from August 23rd indicates that aproximately 700 letters have come in requesting free copies over the first 10 days. I wonder what the total is now?

(Anyway, for those of you playing catch up, Dave Sim offered to send anyone who wrote him a letter a free autographed issue of his parody of Gaiman's The Dreaming. The offer was mentioned on Neil Gaiman's Blog (scroll down) and propagated in this Boing Boing post.)
((and for those of you really catching up, Cerebus is a comic book with a 6000 page continuing storyline self published monthly in 300 installments between 1977 and March of this year by Dave Sim and his background illustrator Gerhard))

And as far as I know, the offer is still open.

The internet is cool.