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Disturbing Thoughts 2006

I saw a beautiful Hapa person who said he was a precursor to the normal man of the year 2500.

I hope there are no people left in 2500.

Well, except maybe uncorrupted indigenous South Americans. I saw a documentary once where they spent like 2 hours a day providing for all their physical needs and the remaining 22 hours dancing and hanging out and telling stories and napping. Now that’s the kind of civilization I can get behind!

Assuming the documentary wasn’t full of shit, I don’t wish those people any specific harm.

And maybe after the bomb drops, they can have the world to themselves.

Not that I believe in any of this racist eco-concious-native-peoples crap

In time even those noble savages would figure out a way to destroy the world.

The only thing more depressing than the myth of the native as environmentalist trampled over by the parasitic outsiders is the reality of native cultures being just like every other human culture. The universal connection between all human societies is that we will use every resource we can get our hands on, and use it now, without regard to the future or our own long term self-preservation.

Stories about the dodo bird which didn’t fear man and was hunted to extinction, or the pioneers’ slaughter of the buffalo aren’t symbolic of the shortcoming of a single culture. There are these types of stories to be told about probably every human civilization that ever existed.

The first humans who entered North America found a land populated with many easy to kill species, including rats that weighed 2000 pounds And North American lions, camels, elephants, horses, cheetahs and other large cats. So easy to kill, in fact, that they killed them all, eating what they could and letting others rot, until there were no more. American Lions roaming the great plains! Even Hawai'i had eagles and Gigantic Ducks that were driven to extinction when humans showed up.

Other societies were completely destroyed by deforestation. Easter Islanders cut down every tree on their island, leading to famine, cannibalistic warfare, and statue toppling.

Humans are a parasite, a cancer on the earth that will reproduce and reproduce and eat everything until it is gone, and then die out.

We can be the first generation of humans to break this cycle. But where is the sign of this being the case? No, some other future generation will figure it out and survive in whatever smoggy clear-cut ozone-less world we leave them.

But not to worry, I have a plan!

Vote Socktopi in 2008!

Socktopi is the only candidate with a solution. I actually considered running for Congress in the upcoming election and decided against it because 1) I am a coward, and 2) I value my privacy. But let it be known that this post, if it didn’t already, will soon prevent me from ever holding public office. Is it tongue-in-cheek? Does it matter? I believe in this as much as I believe in any doctrine. And I believe in honesty.

The Socktopi platform:

Pro-Abortion! Not Pro-Life, that’s completely different. I’m actually against you reproducing. It’s nothing personal. Abortions for all!

Pro-Nuclear Holocaust! They said nothing would ever grow in Hiroshima again, but they were wrong. I’ve been to Hiroshima and it’s like nothing ever happened. I went to the peace park and museum. I’m in favor of flattening human civilization. But this time we should make sure it’ll never come back. It’ll be like a clean slate. Plants are highly adaptive. In 100 years, the world will be a jungle again. Mutually Assured Destruction is perfectly sane, and I’m all for it.

Pro-Wars of Aggression! This will be a good excuse for the above mentioned Mutually Assured Destruction.

Pro-Death to all Humans! Vote for me, and I won’t crush you with a tank. Not right away anyway.

Not like those other Republicrat candidates! Socktopi is the only alternative to major party politicians who agree with each other more than they disagree, especially when it comes to the question of saving human civilization.

We are killing ourselves and our planet, and every wild thing that treads on it anyway, I say that in 2008 we just go ahead and get it over with!

Socktopi in 2008: Vote and Die!


No, You're Fire Retarded

What kind of "Authentic Superman Costume" comes with a "concealing mask," exactly?



In his overly determined pursuit of helping people and charities, Mr. Abramoff spent virtually all of the funds he earned in his various business dealings. He has no real assets beyond their home and its contents. Determined to help others, and confident that he could always earn more money if needed, he ignored the guidance of his financial advisors and accountants who repeatedly warned him that he needed to put funds aside into personal savings.

Poor Jack. I'm playing a tiny violin.


Al Franken, Live and in Concert

Today I was fortunate enough to attend a live taping of the Al Franken show from San Francisco's beautiful gilt city hall. Markos of DailyKos was a guest and before he went on I cornered him and introduced myself. I congratulated him on his new book and explained how grateful I was that it's completion meant his posting had increased, as I really valued his insight... Actually, I forgot to say all of that. I did mention that I was adding him to my list of famous bloggers I had met. Then he made some appropriate self deprecating remark about what constitutes internet-famous, and I countered, but I did recognize you. He asked which other famous bloggers I had met, and I mentioned Avarosis, Christy of FDL, and perhaps most thrilling of all: the completely anonymous Freeway Blogger. (Note to Freeway Blogger, I promise I'll make some signs when it stops raining. For reals this time.)
Anyway, I told Kos to break a leg, and went back to my seat. Former Mayor Willie Brown was there, and I could have easily talked to him too, but here is what our conversation would have been:

Socktopi: Hey. You were the mayor.

Willie Brown: ...uh, yeah.

Socktopi: No. I'm just saying. You were the mayor. That was probably cool.

Willie Brown: Yeah.

Socktopi: (awkward silence) That's a nice hat.

Franken was funny and personable and will make a great junior senator from Minnesota in 2008. He told the audience that last night he debated Ann Coulter at an event in LA. At the dinner before the debate for the 75 individuals who paid a per-plate fee to fundraise for something or another, Ann and Al each gave a little 3 minute speech. Ann’s opening remarks, at a fundraising dinner mind you, according to Franken included the following gems:

It’s interesting being in LA during all these protest marches. i guess that’s why I didn’t get fresh towels at my hotel today. I haven’t seen this many agitated Mexicans since they held the World Cup here.

According to Al, this was naturally followed by stunned silence.

All in all, a great event. It was surprising how few people were there.

"If I know your father..."

Here is some Leave it to Beaver slash fiction that doesn't involve a double entendre with Beaver's name. No, what it involves is much, much, much, much worse.
Wally and The Beaver were not sure what to make of all this. Even though they never got spanked, they knew that their father had been when he was kid. The conversation was sure working towards some punishment for each of them had had extremely similar conversations with their father when they had transgressed.

Then it happened. The two boys would never have imagined such a thing. Gramps stepped into the hall just outside the dinning room archway. "GIVE ME YOUR BELT, WARD CLEAVER, AND ASSUME THE POSITION."
At least I assume it doesn't make a double entendre; I didn't actually read past this part... I mean, who would write porn about Ward Cleaver for chrisakes?!

Great 1979 DEVO performance from German TV. Seems to have been literally taped off TV, as you can see the edges of the screen, but the weird low quality actually adds to the effect. I mean it's DEVO, afterall.

And speaking of DEVO, this is the internet, so I am contractually obligated to point you to this terrible DEV2.0 video. If Mark Mothersbaugh wasn't involved, this would just be your standard case of corporations destroying all things important and good. But here, confounding tradition, Mothersbaugh has teamed up with Disney, actually recording all the music himself, to produce this eyeball-bleeding, lyrically-sanitized, kidz bop crap. We are left with two possible conclusions: 1) Mark Mothersbaugh has gone crazy, or evil, or crazy-evil. 2) Mark Mothersbaugh is a(n evil) genius, but this will not become apparent for another generation. He knows it's terrible and yet he delights in it. His art is so far ahead of his time, that we mere commoners need a couple decades to catch up. But this whole DEV2.0 is irony taken to new and groundbreaking extremes. Look for the MOMA DEV2.0 retrospective in fall of 2028.

Maybe the person who uploaded this to youtube puts it best:"Disney presents a bastardization of a classic anti-corporate theme. Featuring full compliance by Mothersbaugh & co., and youg girl pretending her arms are whips."


Three short crazy songs from the Japanese anime that gave us those wonderful little pink M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Ahh, Japan.

Jane Hamsher writes:
I had a dustup with John Cole over on his site the other day... Cole had written a smear job grounded on several outright fabrications, notably that the "Jane Hamshers of the left" routinely called soldiers war criminals for using white phosphorous weapons.
I’ve never written about white phosphorous, nor have I ever called soldiers war criminals. Cole’s defense? "The Jane Hamsher’s of the left" does not include me.


Lost Mission Hill Episode 15

6 minutes of the animatic for the unfinished episode "Crap Gets In Your Eyes" aka "Pretty In Pink"

A complete animatic exists somewhere for episode 14 as well, and was going to be included in the recent DVD set, but ended up being omited because of legal issues regarding the voice actors.

This site has full scripts for episodes 14-18. I didn't read any, but the blurbs summarizing each episode were interesting.


"Refusing to attend a black-tie gala is the new Anarchy."

Is it too late to model my life on the Sex Pistols if I'm already 25?

Get these youtube videos before they are sued out of existance:

Sid Vicious "My Way"

Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant"

Sid "Something Else"

Pistols "Belsen" last show at the Winterland, SF


Time Started Flowing Reversely is a brilliant website by a little-known 20th century artist.


Kenny Rogers... is actually maybe a little cool.

Legends In Concert is a Las Vegas stage show of impersonators. For $30 you get to see imitations of Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Prince, and other look-alikes perform in concert.

And at least once, just for the hell of it, Kenny Rogers performed in the show as himself, singing a duet with the Dolly Parton impersonator.

Also related: David Duchovny pretending to be a David Duchovny impersonator on Conan, and Charlie Chaplin losing a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest.

Put On The Superfreak

Great mashup between Police and Rick James available here. I like the mashup better than the originals.

Castration-induced vocalisation in domestic piglets
Yes, they really did study the squeals piglets make when their testicles are chopped off. They conclude, somewhat unsurprisingly, that: "The observed changes of acoustical parameters during the surgical period can be interpreted as vocal indicators for experienced pain and suffering."
Sigh. Via Vegan Outreach.


More things I've learned about our imminent demise

As of page 156, Collapse has introduced me to these great new scientific fields, (italicized parts cribbed loosely from Wikipedia):

Glottochronology: a method used to estimate the time of divergence of two or more related languages under the assumption of constant rates of change among said languages' basic vocabulary.

Palynology: the science that studies contemporary and fossil pollens.

Zooarchaeology : AKA Archaeozoology

The relatively self-explanatory Paleobotany and Paleoecology

Dendrochronology: the method of scientific dating based on the analysis of tree rings Dendrochronologists take a tree known to have been cut down in a certain year and look for a noteworthy signature of rings, say, 4 very wide rings between 2 very short rings. They can count back to determine what year that was, then look for that pattern in a preserved beam or tree trunk and date it. They then choose a pattern in that old tree and repeat the process. Some areas have tree rings histories dating back thousands of years. With this method, the date that a trunk used in an Anasazi ruin can be dated to an exact year.

Packrat Midden Studies (which has seen an “explosion” of research activity since 1975): pack rat middens may preserve the materials incorporated into it for up to 40,000 years. The (crystallized rat urine) may thus be analyzed to reconstruct the environment around the midden when it was built, and comparisons between middens allow a record of vegetative and climate change to be built.

It's like a virus that never infects anyone else.
Now, instead of searching the web for "borrowed" NBC highlights, you can go to the source! We've taken your viral favorites and gathered them into one convenient location.

Okay, that doesn't make any sense.

But anyway, here's last week's Lonely Island skit Dopple Ganger. I was hyperventilating when I saw it on tv, but it merely amused me when I watched it again online.


Things I've learned so far about our imminent demise

In addition to serious works like The Adventures of Kool Aid Man #2 and Chuck Norris Karate Kommandoes, I also read lighter fare such as autobiographies and nonfiction like Jared Diamond's most recent book Collapse.

Collapse is a series of case studies about different cultures that have driven themselves towards extinction. For example, the Mayans or Easter Islanders. From studying these past cultures, a surprising number of which were done in by deforestation or climate change, we are intended to draw lessons about how not to do the same thing ourselves. It's a responsible and well researched book from a Pulitzer prize winning UCLA geography professor. (Other than Jared Diamond, what do geography professors research, exactly?) A consistent subtheme, never explicitly stated, is that we are all going to die.

I'd like to relate an interesting passage, and the way I'd like to do it is to link to page 50 of the book on Google Books. But Collapse isn't indexed there because book publishers are completely retarded. So I'm left in a dilemma. I don't want to type out the whole paragraph because I am lazy. And I can't just point to the paragraph and say, "Hey, check this out!" like I would if you were standing here, because even though me talking about the interesting thing I've read and showing it to you is behavior that clearly raises book sales, book publishers think you might just read the whole 575 page book online instead of buying it (or checking it out from a library for free like me).

So instead I'm just going to briefly summarize the point of the book's paragraph, and then I'll launch into a little Modest Proposal which instead of building up to absurdity, starts absurd because the reality is already more idiotic than anything invented by satirists.

But First, Irony

In Montana, there is scenic Glacier National Park. A hundred years ago it had 150 glaciers. Now it has 35. In 2030, Glacier National Park won't have any glaciers. Also, Jeb's son Pierce Bush will be serving his third term as Commander in Chief, and we will have always been at war with Eastasia.

And Now, A Modest Proposal

If book publishers really want to increase sales, they should stop letting bookstores carry books. I was at a Barnes & Noble earlier this week and they had a big comfy chair with a woman just sitting there reading a book she hadn’t bought. They were enabling her piracy! If publishing houses blocked access from these infringing stores by withholding all books from their shelves, that lady would have to buy a copy, and sales would soar! Who are bookstore owners anyway to think that they should be able to make money off of a writer’s hard work? And then we need to pass new laws to protect creators from these dens of piracy and illicit file trading which have popped up in every hamlet and school across the land: libraries! Only when store shelves are empty and libraries closed down will authors be able to earn a living writing books. It’s foolproof.


At long last, the truth revealed
Things I've Learned Reading Tim Leary's out of print Autobiography Flashbacks:

1. William James huffed Nitrous Oxide and then took copious notes about his experiences while high.

After one session he found that he had written "the secret of the universe is the smell of burned almonds."

2. The morning after giving Robert Lowell mushrooms:

Allen (Ginsberg), Peter (Orlovsky), and I cleaned up the living room, stacked the records, turned off the lights, and walked out to the winter streets. Sunrise tinted pink the snow-covered city canyon. A cluster of remarkable trash cans by the curb hailed us, "Good Morning." Their metal sides and their contents sparkled like diamonds and rubies. They were earnestly giving me an amusing wordless lecture on the Hindu theory of It-ness, animate, vibrating.

"Come along now, no more of that" joshed Allen, pulling me by the arm. "I know nothing in the galaxy is as beautiful as a well-used trash can. But we have work to do."

3. Tim Leary, Jack Kerouac, and recent memoirist David Rakoff all obsessively compiled their own statistics-based single player baseball RPGs as children. I have no idea what that means. I just think it's weird. Hopefully there are some unsuccessful losers I've never heard of who played homemade baseball RPGs as kids. Otherwise I think I've discovered a secret indicator of future coolness.


Kool Aid Man

Earlier this week I read a fantastic book, The Adventures of Kool Aid Man (Marvel) #2, and it was clear I had to share this beauty with the world.

Here is the sacred artifact, from which all true beauty comes:

Unlike Kooshkins, Kool Aid Man succeeds in adapting a simple marketing concept into not only an interesting, but surreal and fantastic comic. Written by Jim Salicrup and drawn by Dan DeCarlo, Kool Aid Man is based on a straightforward story structure: kids get thirsty because of The Thirsties (those yellow guys on the cover) and when kids get thirsty, all they have to do is yell "Help Us Kool Aid Man!" and Kool Aid Man will bust through a nearby wall and punish the thirsties...

And then Kool Aid Man and the kids will chase the Thirsties through time,

meeting historical figures,

fighting in the American revolution,

and generally preserving the delicate space-time continuum.

You know, straightforward stuff.


How Could We Have Been So Stupid?

from Tippy Teen #25


These attack ads write themselves

Idaho U.S. Republican Senator Mike Crapo has received more than twice as much money in donations from individuals in the U.S. Virgin Islands than from Idaho.

Which raises the important question, "Wait, there's a senator named CRAPO?"

Treasures from the Dollar Bin


Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes registering my disgust throughout the world.

Just saw a special screening of V For Vendetta, and though I never thought I'd say this about an Alan Moore work adapted to film: Thumbs Up.

I had great reservations about the film, stemming from both not liking the Wachowski Brothers earlier films and hating, I mean really deeply hating, the previous Moore book-to-film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Imagine my surprise that the W. Brothers have done really a perfect adaptation of Vendetta to the screen. Although there are new and expanded characters, and a slightly altered plot, all changes are done in the spirit of Moore's work and serve to further the themes Moore was originally exploring. This is the way to adapt a book to the screen. It worked for the third Harry Potter film, which created new scenes that fit naturally within Rowling's universe, and it works here. It works because the loyalty in writing the script is to preserving the message over the structure of Moore's treatise on terrorism and fascism, and the movie doesn't shy away from those issues; it's devoted to them.

All of the bad omens that made the internets shudder at the prospect of this film were, thank God! False alarms! Contrary to earlier reports, the fascist government is not the result of the Nazis winning WWII, nor does the film conclude, as the novelization of the film of the comic does, with V confessing "I fell in love with you Evey."

I left the theater thinking "Wow! I can't believe they didn't fuck up the book!" I can't separate that aspect from my enjoyment of the film, but my pal Vince, who has read Watchmen but never V, said it was a "solid B+." He didn't care for some of the Wachowski Brothers' Matrix signature touches, but those were Thank God! few and far between.

So go see it. It's not Daredevil, or The Hulk, or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Thank God!

Just go see it.


Gonzo Journalism Alive and Well

Hunter S. Thompson may have bit the bullet, but some journalists will always find a way to make themselves a part of the story. Freelance science writer Joshua Foer is working on a book about memory and the techniques of people who participate in memory competitions.

There are five events in the U.S. Memory Championships. First, contestants are given 15 minutes to memorize 99 names and faces, and 20 minutes to recall them. Next, the contestants have to memorize an unpublished 50-line poem (this year titled, "The Tapestry of Me") in 15 minutes, followed by a series of random digits, a list of random words, and finally a shuffled deck of playing cards."

After writing an article about the competition for Slate last year subtitled "How to win the U.S. memory championship," Foer decided to really understand the participants he'd have to become one.

This weekend, Foer won the national competition in New York and will represent America in the world championships in Malaysia this August.


Oh please let it be true

Last week The President's highest domestic policy advisor and federal judge nominee Claude Allen was arrested for defrauding Target by buying items, taking them to his car, then returning to the store with the receipt and bag, picking up duplicate items off the shelf and bringing them to the returns counter. Why would a man making $161,000 a year and directly advising the President bother defrauding target 25 times for items as valuable as $2.50? Could it be... his evil twin?

Whether or not the evil twin thing pans out, I'd like to award Claude Allen the Dick Cheney Shot A Man In The Face Award. The CHENEY is given for outstanding contributions to the routines of late night comedians.

And Remember Kids, Always Recycle... To The Extreme!

Kooshkins is one of the most painful comics I've ever read, and I've read Power Pachyderms for Christsakes. Some things were never meant to be converted into licensed properties: tennis balls, thumbtacks, grapes, Kooshes. When a bunch of suits sit around a table and try to come up with a sure-fire idea, you can be sure the result will be a misfire like this:

That's not even an especially bad panel. It's 22 pages of that. And there are 3 more issues after this one. It's no wonder that Kooshkins became the unriveled commercial force that is still with us today.


YMO 1983 NHK Special

I love the internet. Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takahashi, and Hosono of YMO play for an hour in this high quality video of a New Year's Eve concert for NHK.


I'm throbing rock hard in the UK

Page views are up thanks to Socktopi being the number 4 return on UK's arm of when you search for "shaven pussies" - now that's the kind of search algorithm I can get behind!

Hey lads! Come on in! Sorry to be a such a massive disapointment. Can I interest you in a comic about a girl who loved the swastika? Yeah, I know it's not quite what you were looking for. But in my defense, I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned "shaven" or even "shaving" for that matter. Hardly shave myself. Couldn't grow a thick beard if I were shipwrecked.

Why not stick around and enjoy the show?

A Fresh Front in the AIDS War?

14 different microbicides now under development, one made from lime juice, another from pomegranate, a third from the seaweed carrageenan, have the potential to regularly prevent AIDS transmission.

"The catch: None of these drugs has yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and most are years away from retail shelves. Big Pharma, which has the resources to usher them smoothly to market, has pretty much opted out. To be blunt: It is infinitely more lucrative to treat HIV than stop it. What's more, drug companies are reluctant to invest many millions of dollars developing products for people who have little means to pay for them, and Third World markets in particular."

A fascinating article from the local alternative weekly.

Internet Classics: Acts of Gord

Some things never get old:

"Whatever you do, don't call the 'Bureau of Video Games and Customer Service' I've already got my one warning, and if they get another complaint they'll shut me down."

Chapter 1 of the Book Of Victory. Make sure to click onto the next chapters, she calls back!

Fun Fun Fun on the Autobahn

Kraftwerk play a bit of Autobahn on Top of The Pops from September 1975 while a narrator explains what the deal is. Check out the awesome homemade electric drum kits!

The host claims that "next year kraftwerk hope to eliminate the keyboards altogether and build jackets with electronic lapels which can be played by touch." I'm going to assume that was a little joke on their interviewer. Or did they actually build such things? A google search for "kraftwerk lapel" returns 184 coincidental hits, which don't seem to be related to any type of actual Kraftwerk lapel instruments.

Also, here's a YouTube link to a 10 minute animated Autobahn video. But the picture quality is pretty bad.


Power Pachyderms

Published by Marvel in 1989, the first and last issue of Power Pachyderms is not as bad as you might think. But only because you would think it would be akin to being stabbed in the eyes. What I'm saying is, that compared to being stabbed in the eyes, it's pretty okay, as far as elephant themed super hero parodies go. Kind of mundane, actually.

Frank Miller just threw up a little in his mouth.


Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

The K makes them sound cool, just like the Klan! What kind of positive imitatable behavior are Chuck's Kommanddos demonstrating for the kids? Glad you asked:

That's right kids. Get some nunchaku, assuming they are even legal where you live, and fight evil! There is very little chance you will break your own arm.
Click the image to read the whole page. And what kind of Ninja-Super-Villain doesn't know what nunchakus are?


Archie! You male chauvinist! (revisited)

The panel above is actually just one of many great images in the story "Equal Time." I've scanned the whole 5 page story here. Betty, Veronica, and Ethel go to a Women's Lib meeting and are empowered. The result is a wonderful mashup of the topical and the timeless.


We're Trying to Run a Society Here, People!
By my house there is a tunnel where the freeway cuts down from five lanes to two, so naturally traffic slows down aproching the tunnel. I often take the time, when stuck for 5 minutes in one of these jams to consider ways of improving the situation. (I'm a credentialed economist, it's what I do.) The one conclusion I've come to hold most strongly is that cheaters must be punished. The people who use the exit lane just to pass the slow traffic in the two real lanes, merging at the last moment, are lengthening the drive times of those who follow the rules. Outside of giving tickets, a solution i'm not completely comfortable with as an anti-authoriatrian, the only other solution I see is for drivers who follow the rules (good actors) to punish or otherwise ruin the incentive of the cheaters. I call upon my fellow citizens to box out those who would drive through the exit lane at 70 miles an hour and then try to jump in front of you. Give them no opening! Force them to exit! Only if the bad actor resonably expects that by cheating he is likely to be forced off, thus ruining his commute time, can this scourge be eliminated. Rise up commrade drivers and tail gate the good actor ahead of you!

TOEI Spider-Man

In the 1970's. Marvel let TOEI use certain characters any way they saw fit. One magical result is this first of 41 episodes of the Japanese Spider-Man tv show where dirt-biking spidy gets his powers from an old spider god in a cave, and then fights crime with the help of a giant transforming robot named Marveler. Fantastic!


Irony: back from the grave!

last week's phone conversation with ex-girlfriend, transcribed for future generations:

exgf: What is it with you and irony? Get over it. Irony is dead.

Socktopi: it is? ...but what about R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet?

exgf: Oh yeah. Okay, maybe.

Socktopi: I'm pretty sure R. Kelly rebirthed Irony. I mean did you watch the commentary track? He said he "pulled out a Beretta" because it "rhymes with dresser." That's brilliant! He's totally a genius!

exgf: yeah, never mind. You're right.

Crazy huge archive of Japanese Transformers commercials, most made using the toys in stop motion animation.



WTF doesn't even begin to adequately explain this video. I suggest "Holy Fuck What The Fuck?" or HFWTF? but longer acronyms may be called for. Video is completely safe for work, but seriously... HFWTF?


Pep #282

from October 1973