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White People sure do Support President Bush.

Listen to Michael Moore on Howard Stern (mp3), one of the better interviews Moore gave this week. Well, except for the one on the CBS Morning Show where, as John Stewart put it, (paraphrasing here:) "Did he just ambush her on her own show?" But anyway, go listen.

Speaking of Fallen Rappers Pez, check out the artist Packard Jenning's work. The HTML is awful, but the art more than makes up for it.


Illigal art is the best kind of art. I liked the Eazy E PEZ dispensers most.


Frontline is the best show on television. Tonight's epsiode was the story of the son of an Al Queda member who left his parents and joined the CIA. He was sent undercover into Guantanamo Bay where he says only ten percent of the prisoners are deservedly imprisoned. He has been disowned by his family, and is an outcast from the Toronto Muslim community where he now lives. It's an unreal story and firsthand account of Al Queda and the war on terrorism. And you can watch it here.


Watch Baghdad Freestyle.


Tennis Ball Cannon (Score:5, Interesting)


Time Started Flowing Reversely - (the Arkanoid super-site)

Modern Classics
You saw this Mr. T CHIA Pet, right?


No sex please — we're Japanese!

Read this in the paper yesterday... Japan is a backwards country.

Japanese men sometimes propose to women with lines like: "I want you to cook miso soup for me the rest of my life." Not surprisingly, Japan's increasingly educated and well-traveled young women are not impressed.


SF gallery owner becomes target after showcasing painting of Iraqi prisoner abuse.