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World's Shortest Blog has a question for the President.


Surprise: Shells and Bugs! Yum!

Joint Juice is a psedo-medicinal unrelated to bhang, a hemp joint lassi.
The other thing about Joint Juice is that it is totally not kosher. It is supplemented with glucosamine which may help Arthritis, and by the way, is made from ground up shellfish shells. That part about sea shells isn't mentioned on the box. Also, the tropical version is colored red with carmine, made from crushed insects.
Isn't there something about eating shellfish and insects in the in the Old Testement? I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to mix them.
Anyway, hope you're not going to Jewish Hell.


If TiVo were a beverage, it'd be a tall glass of Jamaican ginger beer with chipped ice and a lime wedge, while the Explorer 800 (DVR) would be a paper cup of warm fake lemonade stirred with the finger of a nose-picking six-year-old.


With the movie adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City coming out next year I thought I'd share an editorial comic he published in the back of Overstreet's Fan magazine #24, the final issue from June 1997.

First, a disclaimer, as I am not posting this to be critical of Miller:
FM's earlier work is the unpaid basis for much or all of the content, style, and existence of the two Burton Batman movies and the crappy Daredevil movie with Elektra, so he is within his rights and actually past due to "cash in" on the story-hungry-Hollywood gravy train. And unlike most other comic book movies, Miller himself is co-director of the film, hopefully demonstrating his retention of creative control.

But he expressed a slightly different view of the relationship between comics and Hollywood in this 1997 editorial page:


fun with Ebay part V, too much money, yada yada

If I was a walthy shipping magnate, I'd buy this $1000 orignal cover art from Cracked Magazine mocking the A-Team.


As much as I would like the Democrats to regain control of the House, I have to say, I really hope this republican moron wins a seat in Congress.

On his official webpage he leads off with his platform: Massive uncontrolled and illegal immigration portends not just the destruction of a few cities but of our whole civilization itself. If we had integrated with less 'favored races'* centuries ago, there would have never been an electric light. There would never have been an airplane. Unless we stop dysgenic welfare and immigration policies, the US will look like one big Detroit.

Much like 10% of Nader's contributors (mostly the $2,000 givers) are Republicans trying to screw things up, I suggest that progressives should donate to this idiot so that he gets as much attention as possible. When people think of the Republican party, I want them to think of eugenics! George Soros, if you are reading this, might I suggest dropping a couple million on some uncoordinated soft money ads?

Googling Rules:

TV Theme Song MP3 database.


Please enjoy this propaganda: Reuters: It's Not So Hard to Switch to a Vegan Diet

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Welcome BoingBoingers

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eBay Q&A part IV

Back to the subject of "Let's say someone had too much money, what are some of the items that someone could buy?"

BUTtMAN Original Art and Copyrights
Buy It Now! For just $500,000

When (BUTtMAN) was created in 1989, T-shirt sales were initiated as a part-time, fun venture.  Noted sales were to Children, Professionals such as Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers; and teams such as bowlers, sports teams, ect....people with good senses of humor in Southern California/Los Angeles areas.  Owners did not pursue due to busy careers.  The art is dynamic and on T-Shirts are real ATTENTION getters, lots of laughs and makes people happy!!!!

Original Factory Case of 240 Super Powers Figures
Superman? Wonder Woman? Green Lantern? Nope. 240 unused Steppenwolf, Uncle of Darkseid, action figures. He's the one the kids have been clamoring for!

And the well titled auction: PLEASE, GET ALL THIS STUFF OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!


Fark secretly accepts money to place links. Hilarity does not ensue.

This movie is going to be awesome: Team America Preview