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Remember when Peanuts was funny?

Never mind, you weren't born yet.


Get rich on eBay!

A couple of economists demonstrated that you can make more money on eBay by charging high shipping costs, because the average bidder won't adjust their bid acordingly. But check out this dipshit seller who clearly discovered it first. This all ties in to Socktopi's First Law of Economics, which I postulated in 1999: People are stupid.

The Nobel Comittee should be recognizing me any day now

I've always suspected

That World of Warcraft players were retarded.

UPDATE: also, Ralph Koster's Lessons of MMORPGS Today.


I hope you feminists are happy!

What boy wouldn't want a nice "Girl Victim" model kit?

"Don't worry This is New York. No one will help her."

Don't Call it a Comeback

Sorry for the lack of posts... i was in a coma.