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Bush Invigorating America's Youth


via Atrios




Bizarre Records

And I don't mean the Frank Zappa label. I mean 100's of truly weird records. Like this one:

And this one:

and also:

Now that I've used 3 of this guys hosted images, maybe you should just go to his site.


Important Questions Gone Unanswered

Can vegans play Duck Hunt?

Circular Firing Squad of Evil Helper Monkeys

Lafayette Economist Brad DeLong collects the administration's contradictory rebuttals of Clarke into a helpful list.


Fun With Learning: Umami

The human tongue has 5 tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, and Umami - the taste of MSG. At least according to the Umami industry.

What a delicious amino acid.


Recipe #11: Fig Ice Cream

Figs are like the best foodstuff ever, and this recipe is not at all timely, because they are not available fresh this time of year. But I've had some in my freezer since fall, so I was able to make amazing vegan fig ice cream sorbet today.

1lb fresh figs with the stems cut off (fresh or frozen, any variety but black is cooler)
aprox 1 cup soy milk
aprox 1 cup raw cashews
a handful of red grapes
1t coconut extract
2 packets stevia

Blend until smooth, then pour into an ice cream maker. Transcendent.

Live longer on 15 hundred calories per day

Did you know that if you eat an extremely low calorie diet you will live 40% longer? I knew that, but maybe you didn't. They just demonstrated it in mice, and the BBC reported it with this picture.

So in summary: Don't be like this guy = live longer.


Fun (old) Fact: Meat-Out Day

Monkeys have a sense of justice and gay penguins adopted and raised a child.


Pondering Life's Big Questions

Will entering "ASS" for your name in old RPGs ever stop being funny?

(i suspect "no.")


It's been 1984 for years now

New York Times reporting:

Federal investigators are scrutinizing television segments in which the Bush administration paid people to pose as journalists praising the benefits of the new Medicare law

from Tom Tomorrow


Don't Vote For The Lesser of Two Evils: Bush/Cheney '04

Unfortunately the Bush Sign Generator no longer allows you to enter your own slogans for some reason.

I guess there's always Photoshop.

ask your doctor about the purple pill

You know that syndrome when you've played too much tetris and then you go to bed dreaming about tetris? That syndrome should have a name. Let's call it Tetris Syndrome. I have rare Non-Video Game Tetris Syndrome (NVGTS) in that I've spent like 18 hours sorting, bagging, and pricing comics in the last 3 days and now I have dreams about sorting and pricing comic books. So far, no hallucinations though. During the week I was playing Dr. Mario obsessively (which i eventually beat at high speed level 20) I hallucinated pieces fitting around framed pictures on a wall at a restaurant a full 24 hours after my last game.

There's also Yoshi Dyslexia; That's where you drop a Yoshi piece with the colors reversed from the matching order you intended.

I am interested in video game disorders and especially solving real world dilemmas with video game logic. Once one of the emilys i know (Q.) and i tried to find our friend carl in berkeley, but we didn't know where he lived, So we drove to berkeley and started asking people on the street if they knew carl. Eventually we found his dorm building, talked our way inside, and found someone who knew which room was his. He wasn't in. But a roommate let us in, and we surprised him when he got home. One of the things I've learned from video-game-logic-questing is that if you come to a locked door and you ask someone to let you in, and they ask "why?", a good answer is "to pillage."

Even though you might just be looking for carl, by stating an interest in pillaging, you put the stranger at ease AND keep the option open for some pillaging.

Another thing is if an old woman tells you something about a mysterious cave, and then later you meet that old woman again and she repeats the thing about that cave, there is probably a magic sword in that cave.

Also, when you find something you have been looking for, it is fun to hold it over your head and hum zelda acquisition noises.


Arkanoid Woes

My earthlink web hosting is down, perhaps forever, so Time Started Flowing Reversely can be read here without images until I figure out a better way to get it up again.

Surely this is a violation of the blogger user agreement, but I haven't read it, so who knows.

Anyone know a place I can host about 200k of publicly accessible web images?

Where's Oswald When You Really Need Him? Bush/Cheney '04

Via Skimble, and later Wonkette, we have the Bush/Cheney Official Yard Sign Generator, a terrible, terrible, idea for a political website which allows you to enter any slogan you want and they will format it into an official sign (pdf) that you can print out.
My favorite slogans so far:

Please Die For Halliburton: Bush/Cheney '04
Vote Ironically! Bush/Cheney '04
Read My Lips: No New Jobs: Bush/Cheney '04
Four More Wars: Bush/Cheney '04

Fun Fact: Bush Sign Generator

Supposedly, either as a result of hacking or poor programming, it has started creating signs with slogans entered by somebody else. So you might enter "The Fourth Reich! Bush/Cheney '04" and the sign it makes for you reads "Because a surplus is a fantastic thing to waste: Bush/Cheney '04"

Although words like Hitler, Moron, and Ass-Fucking are prohibited for some reason, you can use these words and any others if you'd like if you enter them in the "City:" field instead of the message field. So let your imagination run wild.


Don't change horses midstream

Bush's campaign slogan is apparently "Steady Leadership in times of change." He's not just Orwellian anymore. He's now also firmly Wag The Dogian.

Atrios shares his thoughts on the new ads:

But, frankly, while watching the ad I at first thought it was a parody. Had I not seen the introductory "I'm George Bush and I approve this message" I would have thought it was an opposition ad. All I saw were a bunch of things that went wrong. The subsequent "turning the corner" part almost seemed like a laugh line.

More ads like this, please.

Too much free time? Watch the ads here.


Stern dropped from Clear Channel because he turned against Bush

Salon breaks it down.

Stern's political conversion came on Monday, Feb. 23, when he returned to the show after a week's vacation and announced he'd read Al Franken's anti-Bush book, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right." That morning Stern, who had strongly backed Bush during the war on Iraq, told listeners, "If you read this book, you will never vote for George W. Bush. I think this guy is a religious fanatic and a Jesus freak, and he is just hell-bent on getting some sort of bizzaro agenda through -- like a country-club agenda -- so that his father will finally be proud of him ... I don't know much about Kerry, but I think I'm one of those 'Anybody but Bush' guys now. I don't think G.W. is going to win. What do you think about that?"

Three days later, on the morning of Feb. 26, Stern was suspended from all six Clear Channel stations that aired his wake-up program.


Oh, to be young, AWOL, and full of coke.

Discussing Bush and the Gilded Age.

Kerry Polls Well

Kerry's face isn't his only equine body part.


All the news too fit to print

Democratically elected Haitian president Aristide kidnapped by the United States so that the renegade Haitian army can take over.

Aristide: "Tell the world it is a coup."

Update: Marketing to Children edition

Cool-2b-Real is dead. Long live Zip-4-Tweens!

Don't worry about being the skinniest, prettiest, smartest and most athletic. - Good advice, and you'll need it if you follow these "Smart Eating" recipes for Beef Sausage on a stick (353 of 415 calories from beef) and Nacho Beef Dip!

Thanks Vegan Porn!